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Aaaaawwww . . . so cute!

On a country walk in the Balingup hills, recent guests to Balingup Heights, stumbled across an abandoned and sick one day old lamb. He was lying motionless next to his dead brother. The mother returned several times to nudge the lamb, encouraging it to stand and walk, but it had no energy and was left to die. Alexandra and Cameron brought the lamb back to Balingup Heights and after several bottle feeds and plenty of TLC, he gained strength. And despite our fears that he may not survive, ‘Alex the lamb’ is now doing well and has provided us. . . and several sets of guests with much joy and laughter over the last few weeks. Alex the lamb and Timmy (our boisterous border collie pup) are now great mates, hanging out together near the stone farmhouse. A wonderfully quirky greeting party to all who visit us at Balingup Heights!

Alex the lamb - first feed!

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