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Feeding the ‘animals’!

Loren couldn’t bear to leave the guinea pigs during animal feeding . . . so we arranged to feed her at the same time!!! Loren and Danika were on their fourth visit to Balingup Heights! It was fabulous to hear their news as we chatted during ‘animal feeding’ each morning.

Precious drops of water

We all know that there would be no life on earth without water, however managing and protecting our precious water resources is one of the greatest challenges that we face in Western Australia. Perth is the one of the driest capital cities in the world, and having lived in Perth[…]

Balingup goes back in time…

This years Balingup Medieval Carnival was a great success – a warm, spring-like Saturday was followed by a Sunday of light drizzle. It set the medieval scene prefectly . . . picture long dresses dragging in the mud!!!! There was plenty of entertainment to be had from musical groups, dance[…]

Botica’s Bunch in Balingup.

Perth Mix94.5FM morning radio celebs ‘Botica’s Bunch’ spent a day in Balingup as part of this year’s ‘Winter Staycation’ tour of the WA’s south west! Fred, Lisa and Captain Paul along with ‘Ethel’ (what a crack up), the crew, and a group of 20 lucky winners were shown the best[…]

Fire & Water

The Nannup Flower and Garden Festival is lest than two weeks away – 15th to 18th August 2013! This is a delightful four days of colour, inspiration & song! Simply a visual indulgence! Stay in Balingup for the weekend and meander into Nanup each day along the Balingup Nannup Tourist[…]

A vibrant country town

Brian and I were involved in organising the annual Telling Tales in Balingup event, which was held over the middle weekend of the recent July school holidays! Families from all over WA were treated to a wonderful weekend of workshops with WA authors and illustrators, storytelling sessions, book binding and[…]

Delicious Panforte

You have to try Kate Lane’s delicious Panforte . . . made right here in Balingup. A rich Italian treat handmade with local ingredients from the south west of WA. A sumptuous mix of dried fruits and nuts, pepper, honey and dark chocolate, it is a delightful twist on the[…]

BANQUET ON A BRIDGE – Sunday 7th July

In the tradition of ‘long table lunches’ hosted in country farmhouses . . . venture to the south west for a glorious celebration of slow cooked winter food for the inaugural ‘Banquet on a Bridge’. Blackwood Valley chefs and local suppliers of fresh produce have come together with wine, beer[…]

Feasting on Persimmon

These little birds are found all around Balingup Heights…the Silvereye. According to the website Birds in Backyards ( they are one of Australia’s smallest birds but also travel great distances during migration. These little guys were having a feast of Persimmon at the bottom of our hill yesterday afternoon. Flitting[…]

Golden Valley Tree Park – Autumn Spectacular

We had a picnic at the Golden Valley Tree Park on Sunday afternoon – stunning autumn weather. And as expected, we were greeted with a spectacular display of glorious colours in the many large deciduous trees. The views of Balingup from the hilltop on the ‘Ornamental Pear’ walk trail show[…]