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Pink lady

Pink Lady’s

Balingup, Donnybrook and many of the small towns in the Blackwood River Valley were built around horticulture and the region’s ability to produce superior fresh produce thanks largely to the cooler night temperatures and warm summer days. Like our neighbours, Tony and Meryl Giumelli, many of the local orchardists are[…]

Marri blossom

Marri Blossom

The Marri tree is one of the most important trees in the West Australian forests. It produces large amounts of blossom and nectar, providing a valuable food source for many native birds and marsupials. We’re surrounded by them up here on the Hill, and they are in full bloom at[…]

feeding horses

7 million vs 450!

Four families from Nanjing city in eastern China holidayed with us this week ! Each family has one child . . . they met through their children’s school. A primary school of 2,000 students! We chatted about our different countries . . . with an urban population of over seven[…]

The chefs 'plating up'!

An outstanding gastronomical evening!

We were treated to an outstanding gastronomical evening on Saturday 2nd February 2013. A big congratulations to Katrina Lane from the Taste of Balingup who brought together seven outstanding young chefs from Perth. Each chef chose a protein from one of our local Blackwood Valley producers; Blackwood Valley Beef, Emu[…]

sunset image


Nature never ceases to amaze. Tonight’s sunset was no exception and this picture taken from Hepton Hill really doesn’t do it justice. An eerie orange glow came through our windows at the farmhouse and we looked out to see an amazing sunset. The view from Hepton Hill, looking west over[…]

Smallwater Estate Winery

New Year’s Resoloution

Finally . . . . after a year of recommending our guests visit Smallwater Estate Winery for lunch and a glass of their fabulous award winning wines, we made it there ourselves! We’d sampled their wines on numerous occasions, and had heard many a good reports about the new restaurant[…]

Maddy our new puppy

Oh so lovable!

Meet ‘Maddy’, the new addition to our Balingup Heights menagerie! She is a seven week old border collie X rhodesian ridgeback puppy . . . . well, that’s what they told us anyway! An early Christmas present, she has been keeping us entertained with her playful antics.

Is this the last mist of the season?

We woke to a stunning mist this morning! Could this be the last for the season? Balingup Heights is perfectly situated for morning mists, and the view over the valley from the top of our hill provides a stunning vantage point from which to enjoy it! For the most part,[…]

Monitor Lizard

A lounging Lizard!

Our guests at Blythe Cottage spotted a young ‘Racehorse Goanna’ also known as a Gould Monitor Lizard, sunning itself on a termite mound just in front of their Cottage this morning! His mum could be 1.5 mts long and she’ll be doing her job nearby eating baby snakes, snake eggs,[…]

Motorbike Frog

The wonderful sound of rain…and frogs!

Beautiful rain has steadily been falling over the past few days. Topping up our dams and springs this is much needed in the South West. The sound of rain is mesmerising as it taps on the tin roof and sometimes deafening if it’s a downpour. The other sounds we’ve been[…]