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Motorbike Frog

The wonderful sound of rain…and frogs!

Beautiful rain has steadily been falling over the past few days. Topping up our dams and springs this is much needed in the South West. The sound of rain is mesmerising as it taps on the tin roof and sometimes deafening if it’s a downpour. The other sounds we’ve been[…]

Spring Delights

Gardens gates will be open in Balingup, Bridgetown and Nannup for the Prelude to the Festival of Country Gardens – Friday 12th to Sunday 14th October 2012. Come exploring and discover the spring delights hidden behind the garden fences of these picturesque country towns. Balingup is the perfect place to[…]

School Holiday Bliss

One of the questions we have regularly asked ourselves over the last few years is, “Can a property such as Balingup Heights harmoniously cater to both families and couples?” . . . you know, picture romantic couples getaway VS squeals of excitement from children making their way through the bush[…]

Immersed in nature…

It’s hard to capture in a photograph the feeling of being immersed in nature. With our cottages surrounded by Jarrah and Marri forest and with the spectacular morning mists, that’s certainly how you feel at Balingup Heights. This week we’ve had some wonderful mists, there’s a real sense of serenity[…]

Burning the Dragon

Journey back to a time of dragons, knights in shining armour and Lords & Ladies. One of our favourite events at the Balingup Medieval Carnivale is the ‘burning of the dragon’. This is a free event loved by all ages! Join us from 6pm onwards for a night of theatre,[…]

A winning photo…

Thanks to everyone who entered our Balingup Heights Photo Competition. We had a some fabulous entries and voting ran hot in the days leading up to the competition close! . . . . the winner of the two night getaway at Balingup Heights Hilltop Forest Cottages is Krystle Leach with[…]

Thanks Nate…

Anyone who has stayed at Balingup Heights will have seen the Guest Feedback cards we leave in the Cottage. These have proved a valuable way of finding out about the little things that may need fixing, like a blown light globe, or a suggestion for an item to add that[…]

She said yes!

A big congratulations to Danielle and Spencer on their engagement! There must be some magic in the mist . . . this is the second proposal at Balingup Heights in July!

Aaaaawwww . . . so cute!

On a country walk in the Balingup hills, recent guests to Balingup Heights, stumbled across an abandoned and sick one day old lamb. He was lying motionless next to his dead brother. The mother returned several times to nudge the lamb, encouraging it to stand and walk, but it had[…]