Balingup Accommodation

Guest Photo Galleries

We love seeing the way our guests experience Balingup Heights, the magic of Balingup and the delights of the Blackwood River Valley. Thanks for sharing these fantastic photos.

Eden Roore

Kristy Harrap 2023

Julie Cheng

David Li

Hossein Sedaghat

Lisa van den Dungen

Andra Luca

Enya Zankharia

Liz Moriaty

Jennifer Custodio

Kate Ruddle

Roger Tuazon

Karyn Connor

Glen Angelo

Tessa Murray

Ginelle Willmott

Colin Chiang

…and to check out Colin’s drone footage click here

Dennis Van Aarde

Sophie Farnan

Terri Kerse & Lewis Bore

Jer Win

Alison Headley

Mel Ye 2020

Michaela & Richard Ward

Mel Ye

Rita Luo

Stephanie Ong

Tammy Gibbs

Shell Goffy

Kristy Harrap

Xin Yin Song and Chang Long wedding photos

Sayaka Alves

Al Dunlop

Craig Franke

Leah Fuller

Daniel Giuffre

Wendy Jacobs

Lucas Lischer

Christine Lee

Raymond Loo

Nicole Mc Grade

Lara Maas

Mathew Oud

Daniel Romeo

John Torkington

Anton Twang

Anita Underwood

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