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Immersed in nature…

immersed-in-nature-3It’s hard to capture in a photograph the feeling of being immersed in nature. With our cottages surrounded by Jarrah and Marri forest and with the spectacular morning mists, that’s certainly how you feel at Balingup Heights. This week we’ve had some wonderful mists, there’s a real sense of serenity as the mist flows up the hill. So on Thursday we grabbed the tripod and camera to try and capture the ‘immersed in nature’ feeling. Not sure we succeeded but hope you enjoy the pictures.

  • immersed-in-nature
  • immersed-in-nature-2
  • immersed-in-nature-3
  • immersed-in-nature-4
  • immersed-in-nature-5
  • immersed-in-nature-6

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