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Is this the last mist of the season?

We woke to a stunning mist this morning! Could this be the last for the season?
Balingup Heights is perfectly situated for morning mists, and the view over the valley from the top of our hill provides a stunning vantage point from which to enjoy it!
For the most part, morning mist forms in specific weather conditions. The exact combination and conditions vary, however Balingup tends to get mist when the preceding night has been still and cool and the preceding day has been comparatively warm.
What happens is that the moist, warm air of the day cools, falls and then condenses into mist. If there is little or no wind about, then the mist stays put in the valley below and we get to enjoy it the next morning! Again, depending on the time of the year, the sun eventually warms the air and dissipates the mist.
Mesmerising really, you just sit and watch the images change.

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