Balingup Accommodation

Just You

A tranquil place to think, relax and feed the soul.

When it comes to an escape, there’s nothing quite like spending a little time alone immersed in nature.

Take time out from your busy schedule and relax in a hilltop forest cottage in magical Balingup.

Breath fresh air and soak in the serenity. Hideaway in your cosy cottage or indulge in the vibrancy of the stunning Balingup countryside.





“I loved my stay and didn’t want to leave. The Cottage was beautiful and the view spectacular. It’s such a stunning part of the world!” – Olivia, Perth






Private Cottages just for you

Nestled amongst the jarrah and marri hilltop forest, each cosy cottage offers seclusion and a tranquil place to think, relax and feed the soul.

Immersed in nature providing an ideal bush escape. Your stay can be as action packed or as relaxed you make it. Be inspired by the sounds and surroundings of this beautiful bush land setting. Walk to the lookout, watch the morning mist roll up the valley or take a night walk and marvel at the awe inspiring view of the night sky.


Time for yourself in a hilltop forest.

Misty view cottage








Activities for you to do in and around Balingup

Eat, shop, play and explore the different activities for you in and around Balingup


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