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Meteors galore!

The spectacular Geminids Meteor Shower will peak on the night between 14th – 15th December . . . and Balingup Heights lookout gives you the perfect vantage point!

The Geminids are considered to be one of the most spectacular meteor showers of the year, with the possibility of sighting around 120 meteors per hour at its peak. The shower owes its name to the constellation Gemini because the meteors seem to emerge from this constellation in the sky.

Unlike most other meteor showers, the Geminids are not associated with a comet but with an asteroid: the 3200 Phaethon. The asteroid takes about 1.4 years to orbit the Sun. Want to know more Click Here 

We still have few Cottages available this weekend so if you feel like immersing yourself in the galaxy, give us a call on 08 9764 1282 or email [email protected]

(Image courtesy Matt Harbisson) 

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