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Pink lady

Pink Lady’s

Balingup, Donnybrook and many of the small towns in the Blackwood River Valley were built around horticulture and the region’s ability to produce superior fresh produce thanks largely to the cooler night temperatures and warm summer days.

Like our neighbours, Tony and Meryl Giumelli, many of the local orchardists are fifth or sixth generation with each generation inheriting the farm from their elder relatives after retirement. Seeing Meryl and Tony work the land, gives us a new appreciation for what’s involved in producing a humble apple.

The Pink Lady™ apple originated from this region and holds a special place in many of the grower’s hearts, an apple they call their own. Some growers believe the cooler night temperatures in the Southern regions enable a brighter red shade in their fruit! Whatever the reason, we think they look beautiful and they taste delicious picked straight off the tree!

Pink lady

Pink Lady apples

pink lady

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