Balingup Accommodation

Frequently Asked Questions

Cancellations - what is the policy?
We have a flexible cancellation policy. Whilst we require a single night deposit to secure your booking, should you need to cancel your booking, we are more than happy to move the deposit to a future date.
Distance - how far is it from Perth to Balingup?
Balingup is situated 240kms south of Perth, a 2 ½ - 3 hrs drive depending on the traffic and the number of stops you make along the way.
Time - how long will it take to get to Balingup from Perth?
From Perth to Balingup it will take you approximately 2 ½ - 3 hrs driving time . . . depending on the traffic and the number of stops you make along the way.
How far is Balingup Heights from the closest town?
Balingup is a small town. We are situated just 1.5km’s out of town (on the road towards Nannup).
Dogs - can we bring our pet dog?
Unfortunately we don't allow dogs and pets at Balingup Heights. We have free range chickens, horses, sheep and a llama, plus wild kangaroos frequently bounce through our hilltop forest and we've found that even the best behaved 'city dogs' can act very differently around these animals.
What do you recommend we visit on our way to Balingup from Perth?
Bunbury – Dolphin Discovery Centre, great beaches and ‘big city shops’ and services. Donnybrook – AppleFun Park, large IGA supermarket. Fergusson Valley - Gnomesville.
Supermarket - is there one nearby?
Balingup General Store – a small multipurpose mini-supermarket or convenience store. It has a good range of fresh meat, fruit and vegetables, general groceries (eggs, milk, rice, pasta etc) personal toiletries, and a liquor store. It’s open from 6am – 6pm 7 days per week. Fruit and Vegetables – Newy’s in Kirup – Awarded the ‘best fruit & veg’ in the South West of WA is open  Thursday – Sunday. Donnybrook and Bridgetown both have a large IGA supermarket open 7 days per week 7am – 7pm. Balingup has a number of great Cafes and specialty food stores. Why not try some great local produce? Just a reminder that we’re able to supply you with ‘Breakfast Hampers’ to enjoy in your Cottage, plus cheese/tasting plates for an evening meal. Please check our website for details.
Mobile telephone & WIFI - we will have mobile telephone coverage and is there WIFI in the Cottages?
Both Telstra and Optus reception is available. Please check with your service carrier. There is no WIFI in the Cottages as yet. You will get WIFI at a couple of the Cafes in the region & at several of the visitors centers and public libraries in the region.
Water - can we drink the water from the tap in the Cottages?
Yes, our water is sourced from a natural spring on the property.
The steep hill - do we need a special car to drive up to the top of the hill?
No, you don’t need a special car to drive to the top of our hill. It is steep, and unsealed in sections, however is travelled upon daily by our guests (& us of course) in all types of standard ‘city cars’. Our driveway is about 800mts long. It winds from the road up to the top of the hill where you’ll find our farmhouse. The Cottages are spread apart at the top of the hill.
Farm animals - can we interact with and feed the animals?
Yes, you’re welcome to join us for animal feeding in the mornings – we have horses, sheep, llama, chickens, guinea pigs and our playful puppy Maddy . . . the children usually love interacting with the animals. We do recommend wearing old clothes and walking shoes! It’s very hard to stay clean when feeding the animals! Please note some COVID restrictions apply, please refer to our COVID-Safe Operating Policy and Guidelines for details.
Mists - will we be able to see the mist?
We love waking to a cool, misty morning, but unfortunately we can’t guarantee a mist every day. The mists occur during the cooler months and are most common between May to August/September. The mists begin in late March/April if the night is cool and the atmospheric conditions are right. We continue to get misty mornings into October and November, however the regularity reduces in spring. The mists are different every day, sometimes dispersing an hour after sunrise and on other days the mist lingers until mid morning. However, the early morning view from the top of the hill is always spectacular, regardless of the season or weather conditions.
Stars - will we be able to see the stars?
Yes, the air is clean & clear. For the best view you can take a night walk to the look out and marvel at the expanse of the night sky!
Fruit - can we buy and pick our own fruit from a local orchard?
Yes – depending on the season you’re welcome to pick Chestnuts from the orchard on our property. Throughout the year you will be able to buy local fruit in season from various road side vendors and some picking options may also be available.
Things to do - what do you recommend we do while we’re in Balingup?
There is plenty do in and around Balingup and the Blackwood River Valley. Some of our guests choose to ‘take it easy’ and spend time enjoying the beauty of the property! However, if you’re keen to explore the region click here to see our list of suggested 'things to do' in and around Balingup.

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