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Photo courtesy AstroStyle

For all those who are fascinated by the night sky you’ll be excited to know that we’ll be treated to a Supermoon next week on Tuesday, 19th February, 2019! Also known as the Snow Moon, the Full Moon or Supermoon will look a little bigger and brighter than usual because the Moon is near its closest point to Earth. The Supermoon rise will take place at dusk just after 7pm. The next Supermoon won’t occur until 20th March, 2020!

And . . . for anyone who has watched a full moon rise at dusk from the Balingup Heights lookout, you’ll know that it’s a truly awesome spectacle!

Photographing the moonrise and moonset isn’t easy, however if you capture the moonrise just above the horizon on the ridgeline to the east of Balingup townsite, you can incorporate the ridgelines, the valley and townsite below! Breathtaking!

Anyone looking for a mid-week getaway?

(Image of runner courtesy of NBC News) – not taken at Balingup Heights, but it could be 🙂

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