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Things To Do at Balingup Heights

The Delights of the Heights – with 46 acres to roam, including a 25 acre hilltop forest, there’s plenty to do at Balingup Heights.



You’re welcome to join us for ‘animal feeding’ each morning. We meet at the main shed opposite the stone farm house at 8.15am each morning. Join us to feed our sheep, horses, guinea pigs, chickens and our cheeky llama. Session times may vary mid week outside of school holidays so do check with us.



You’re invited to make use of the spectacular scenic lookout, situated on the northern brow of the hill to the west of our stone farm house. A couple of sets of rustic jarrah benches and small log-end tables are located there for your enjoyment.

The sunrise and misty mornings
The lookout offers the perfect vantage point from which to enjoy Balingup’s spectacular sunrises. Sunrises differ year round, however the misty mornings during the late autumn, winter and early spring are stunning. Photo opportunities abound!

Moon rise
Equally spectacular is the moon rise over the hills to the east! The sight of a full, or near full moon rising over the crest of the hill is sensational. The glow of the moon lights the whole valley, and even on a cool night it’s worth donning a jacket and taking in the tranquillity of the moon lit valley.

Star Gazing
On a dark night the sky above Balingup seems endless. Some guests choose to simply look up in amazement, while others take the opportunity to locate the planets and constellations of the Milky Way.

Sunset and Sundowners
Guests often take their own drinks and nibbles to the lookout at sun down. A stunningly romantic spot for couples . . . and an awesome place for families and groups to gather! Many a sundowner has been followed by star gazing in our wonderful open skies…..suggest you take a torch!

Beware . . . the Balingup Heights lookout is a popular spot for marriage proposals!


Explore the numerous walk trails on the property.
• The Loop Walk trail – 1.2km walk trail which traverses the hilltop forest and loops past each of the Cottages and the stone farmhouse,
• To the Lookout – take a stroll to the lookout – between 200mt and 600 mtr from your Cottage.
• The Secret Garden and the King Jarrah tree – follow the interlocking walk trails within the Loop Walk. Carved by kangaroos, enjoy numerous short walks and explore the native bush.
• The Hill – challenge yourself and ‘walk up & down the hill’ either traversing the horse trails on the northern face of the hill or follow the driveway.
• Explore neighbouring properties – walk a little further and discover a stunning old growth jarrah forest, creek beds laden with frogs and a stand of ancient grass trees (Xanthorrhoea).


Our 46 acres property is a photographers paradise! It offers a fabulous diversity of locations and environments all in the one location. Capture stunning vistas and sensual colours in all seasons and in every weather condition.

Film the morning sunrise with the mist rising up through the valley . . . and for a challenge, try some night photography. Being privately owned, guests have access to the whole property, free of crowds and on lookers.

It’s also the perfect spot to give your drone a workout! We ask that you advise us if you’ll be flying your drone. And please do respect the privacy of other guests, our neighbours and the animals on the property.


We have a diverse variety of native birds and you may see them throughout the property. These include Kestrels, Western Red Rosellas, White and Red Breasted Robins, New Holland Honeyeaters, Black Cockatoos, Red Tailed Cockatoos, Bronze Wing Pigeons and the ever popular Splendid Blue Fairy Wrens. Several breeds of owls have been spotted, and we also have a pair of wedge tail eagles who soar above us from time to time. You may catch them feeding at the lookout.

At night, if you’re lucky you might spot a brush-tail possum, a chuditch, quenda or a bandicoot. Take a walk into the valley or closer to one of our natural springs and listen to the cacophony of frog songs – download an app and match the frog call to the frog, or grab a torch see if you can spot them on the reeds.

Kangaroos and emus will sometimes visit the property, however you’ll see them regularly in the paddock to the south of our property.

Please appreciate that being a natural environment, we cannot guarantee that all of the animals will be on view! Many are very timid and prove to be quite elusive. Some of the animals, especially the birds are migratory and as such will only visit the property in specific seasons.


Our 25 acre hilltop forest is a picturesque woodland setting. Commencing early Spring, this hilltop reserve becomes a blaze of colour, with an amazing abundance and diversity of wildflowers. Many are small and stunningly intricate so you’ll need to slow down and look carefully. Each week of spring sees change through until early December.



On a dark night the sky above Balingup seems endless. Some guests choose to simply look up in amazement, while others take the opportunity to locate the planets and constellations of the southern skies and the Milky Way.

The view of the moon or near full moon rising in the eastern sky above the ridge line is a sight worth catching.


We have a secret . . . a ‘Secret Garden’ which is specially designed for kids! A small clearing, surrounded by natural bush, our Secret Garden is all about giving kids a fabulous reason to reduce screen time and reconnect with nature!

Think bush cubbies, fairy gardens . . . . and a little bit of magic all rolled into one space. Located centrally on the property within the Loop Walk Trail, our Secret Garden can be accessed easily from all Cottages. Inspired by Nature Play WA . . . we challenge you and your kids to get outside, get dirty and let your imaginations run wild!


There is nothing like strolling through an orchard loaded with fresh fruit. Smell the sweet aroma, and relish in the freshness of the fruit! When in season, you’re welcome to collect chestnuts and roast them fresh on your BBQ (April and early May).  Throughout the region a number of properties provide other fruit picking opportunities.

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